Providing services since 1993

About our Company

About our Company

C.C.K CHRISTODOULOU LAUNDRY LTD is one of the most important companies in Cyprus in the field of cleaning and laundry services for catering establishments such as Catering, Restaurants, Tavernas, Ships, Hotels, Hairdressing salons, Hairdressing Centres, Sports teams etc., in all types of linen, from our modern and latest generation industrial washing machines.

With a presence in the industry since 1993, C.C.K CHRISTODOULOU LAUNDRY LTD provides the best possible industrial cleaning and ironing services on linen, underwear, blankets, pillowcases, towels, tablecloths, staff uniforms, etc.

The solutions provided by C.C.K CHRISTODOULOU LAUNDRY LTD and given its many years of experience, its modern facilities, using state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, branded detergents and having qualified staff, have given it a competitive advantage in the market. Especially the high quality detergents, ensure the durability of the fabrics over time as well as a large number of washes without reducing the quality of the fabric.

An important compass in the activities of C.C.K CHRISTODOULOU LAUNDRY LTD is the protection of the environment. Realizing that we must leave our land better than we received it, we respond without second thoughts to its calls and needs.

Thus, C.C.K CHRISTODOULOU LAUNDRY LTD became the first laundry in Cyprus which is ecologically dug. The three main pillars on which its strategy in these matters revolves are:

  • Use of photovoltaic systems to cover a large part of the energy needs.
  • Use of biomass for energy needs with the installation of special filters that minimize pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Recycling of more and more waste generated by the plant’s activities.
  • Trying to find more and more environmentally friendly detergents.
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Why us?

Because we can offer:

Quality of Service

Guaranteed according to ISO 9001:2015

Separate laundry

Separate laundry for each customer


Expertise in Laundry Services

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient response to customer needs

Well trained

Well trained and experienced human resources


Ecological system


Comprehensive coverage of the client’s needs


Reliable state-of-the-art equipment

Selected customers

Selected customers

CCK Laundry

Our target/mission

Our target/mission is to ensure that all our customers are pleased with the quality of service we provide!

Our vision

With the latest machinery technology, our business to grow every year, resulting in the upgrading of our work!

CCK Laundry

Our story


Our company, C.C.K CHRISTODOULOU LAUNDRY LTD, was founded in Argaka Paphos, in 1993, in order to service the hotels of Polis Chrysochous- Latsi.


Due to the small working space we had, in 2000 we moved to a privately owned, large factory in the industrial area of Polis Chrysochous.


In 2005, we received requests from hotels in Paphos who wanted to work with us, so we decided to invest in larger washing machines and irons in order to provide quality services to our customers. We gradually increased our volume of work, staff, transportation, and manufacturing machinery as a result of our laundry’s good reputation.


In 2013, we were the first to install the largest biomass boiler in Cyprus to cover the needs of steam and solar systems for water heating, for 100% of our hot water needs. We were awarded in 2014 by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry and by the OEB as the company with the most efficient investments in energy-saving products and renewable energy sources.


In 2014, we bought our first tunnel washer, and in 2017, we bought our second. Our goal has always been to first be well prepared with our production and then to work with new clients to be able to offer the best quality and service.

In 2014, we were certified with ISO 9001, and since then, we have strictly adhered to its applications in all our production processes.


In 2018, we made the big decision to gradually replace everything with new-generation machines.


From 2019 to 2022, we replaced our three ironers with full
automated, new ironers with a threefold increase in production.


In 2023, we changed the dryers in our tunnels, with an increase in production of twice as much.

Photovoltaic systems have also been installed for partial coverage of
our electricity needs.

All of the above, except for an increase in our production, which currently reaches 5000 kg per hour of dry clothes, has almost perfected the quality and image of linens returned to our customers.


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