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We use the best detergents, which are also ecological.

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We can consistently maintain the whiteness and softness of our towels.

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Finishing (Ironing & Folding)

We have three ironing lines available, all of which incorporate the latest technological…

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Towel folding

We have a folding production line of 5000 towels per hour.

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Packing section

They are sealed in and delivered to the hotels in excellent quality.

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In addition to the above production stages in our factory, there are two of the latest generation steam boilers, which are at the heart of our factory.

One boiler uses fuel oil, while the other uses biomass fuel. For safety reasons, we have two boilers.

To be able to work with the other boiler in the event of one failing.

In addition, for safety reasons, we have a large electric generator that can run our factory in the event of a power outage.

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